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The Mifos Summit is our annual conference that unites our community together to advance our roadmap for technology-enabled financial inclusion.

Event Details


October 22 - 25, 2013


Fortune Select Metropolitan Hotel in Jaipur, India


For 2013, the Mifos Summit returns to India and the beautiful pink city of Jaipur from October 22 to 25.

Amit Jain from Digamber Finance will play host to the 2013 summit which continues to grow just as our Mifos X platform and community has the past year. The summit is now 4 days long and we’ll have three tracks geared towards Developers, Specialists, and Financial Inclusion Leadership. Sessions will include community-led case studies, exploratory brainstorming sessions, hands-on tutorials and training, expert-led thought leadership sessions, as well as immersive field visits to our local Mifos users.

The Mifos Summit is the one time each year our entire community gathers together. Join us and you can:

  •          > Shape the forthcoming roadmap for the Mifos X platform
  •          > Craft our vision for technology-enabled financial inclusion
  •          > Expand your knowledge building on, implementing or using Mifos X
  •          > Share experiences, brainstorm new ideas, and discover innovative technologies
  •          > Network both professionally and socially with fellow community members.


What to Look for at the 2013 Summit

The Mifos Summit is the annual gathering of our entire community - financial inclusion providers, IT Specialists, software developers - all are invited to partake in planning the year ahead, getting hands-on training, and networking with the community.

Knowledge Sharing, Expert Sessions, Technology Discovery

Mifos X will push the boundaries of financial inclusion. Help us explore what's on the cusp of technology and outreach to the poor.

Software Development, Project Management, Sales and Marketing

Want to develop and build applications on top of the Mifos X platform? Strengthen your skills in implementing Mifos X? Improve your sales and business development techniques? Increase your effectiveness in using technology for financial inclusion? We've got training for you!

Inaugural Mifos Community Choice Awards
Recognizing excellence within our community

Who have been our rock-stars of the year? Help us recognize the top Volunteer, Developer, Specialist and MFI from our community during our inaugural Mifos Community Awards Dinner & Ceremony. Click here to sponsor an award or nominate an individual or organization.

Site Visits
Digamber Finance led by Amit Jain

Immerse yourself in a day-long site visit to the innovative and process-driven financial inclusion practiced by Digamber Finance and its partners.

Exposition Hall
Technology and Provider Showcase

Visit our expo hall to meet and greet with other community members, discover new technologies, and learn about open source technologies for financial inclusion. Click here to host a booth or sponsor refreshments in the expo hall.

Session Tracks

The topics being covered include the following:

Developers (Technical)
Explore the nuts & bolts of the Mifos X platform. Get hands-on with the API. Learn to develop new features or workflows, integrate with other systems, and build your own application on the platform.

Financial Inclusion Leadership
Discuss the latest trends for financial inclusion - branchless banking, client protectionism, mobile money. Identify how technology will help you create more affordable, responsible, and accessible financial inclusion services.

Specialists (PM & Biz Dev)
Build a succesful business on the Mifos X platform - refine your sales and marketing strategy, develop new service offerings, and optimize your deployment and support approaches.


Reserve your spot

$100 Early Bird Registration

Register now before August 15, 2013 to get the early bird rate.


$150 Regular Registration

Register before October 1, 2013 for the regular rate.


THE SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION PERIOD HAS CLOSED AS OF July 31, 2013. Scholarships are available for registration, accommodations, and/or international travel.

Apply for Scholarship


Stay tuned for updates leading into the Summit

Scholarship Applications for 2013 Summit now being accepted through July 31, 2013!

Through the support of our generous donors and sponsors, we have a limited number of scholarships available to cover registration, accommodations, and/or up to $1000 in international travel. We don't want cost to prevent you from attending.
If you're in need, please apply now!

Call for Topics! Suggest Ideas for Sessions and Training at the Summit

We're planning out the summit agenda and want your input. We'll have a mix of training, brainstorming and expert-led sessions. What training are you in need of? What financial inclusion trends do you want to explore? What experts would you like to come present? Visit our ideas page to
suggest your topics now.


Click here to download the detailed agenda with the most current schedule.

Day 1

Day 1 - October 22
Developers Financial Inclusion Leadership Specialists
AM 7:00 ~ AM 9:00 Registration & Breakfast
AM 9:00 ~ AM 10:00 Keynote & Opening Remarks
AM 10:00 ~ AM 11:00 COSM Year In Review
AM 11:00 ~ AM 11:45 Morning Tea/Coffee & Introductions
AM 11:45 ~ PM 1:30 Mifos X Demo
PM 1:30 ~ PM 2:30 Lunch
PM 2:30 ~ PM 3:30 Mifos X Business & Technical Case Study
PM 3:30 ~ PM 3:45 Afternoon Coffee & Tea
PM 3:45 ~ PM 5:00 Mifos X Technical Overview & API Walkthrough Mifos X Strategic Positioning and Market Adoption Strategy
PM 5:00 ~ PM 6:00 Technical Expert Session Client Protectionism and Social Performance Management Implementer Expert Session
PM 7:30 ~ PM 9:00 Dinner

Day 2

Day 2 - October 23
Developers Financial Inclusion Leadership Specialists
AM 7:30 ~ AM 8:30 Breakfast
AM 8:30 ~ AM 9:15 Technical Case Study Business Case Study
AM 9:15 ~ AM 10:45 Hands-on with the API: Building a New Application Business Process Optimization Sales 101: Positioning, Pricing & Pinpointing the Right Market
AM 10:45 ~ AM 11:00 Group Photo
AM 11:00 ~ AM 11:15 Morning Coffee & Tea
AM 11:15 ~ PM 12:30 Pick from one of three concurrent exploratory sessions:
AppStore & Ecosystem Development | Leveraging Volunteers | User-Driven Products & Services
PM 12:30 ~ PM 1:30 Pick from one of three concurrent exploratory sessions:
Mobile Banking & Payment Systems | Community Collaboration & Support | Client Data Transparency
PM 12:30 ~ PM 1:30 Lunch and Ignite Talks
PM 2:30 ~ PM 3:30 Financial Inclusion Center of Excellence Report
PM 3:30 ~ PM 6:00 Exposition Hall and Speed Geeking
PM 7:30 ~ PM 9:00 Dinner

Day 3

Day 3 - October 24 [Digamber Site Visits]
Developers Financial Inclusion Leadership Specialists
AM 7:00 ~ AM 8:00 Breakfast
AM 8:00 ~ AM 10:30 Group/Center Meetings
AM 10:30 ~ PM 12:30 Branch Visit
PM 12:30 ~ PM 2:00 Lunch
PM 2:00 ~ PM 5:00 Head Office Visit
PM 6:30 ~ PM 9:00 Community Choice Awards Dinner

Day 4

Day 4- October 25
Developers Financial Inclusion Leadership Specialists
AM 7:30 ~ AM 8:30 Breakfast
AM 8:30 ~ AM 9:45 New UIs and Workflows Reporting/Data Analytics & Funders/Donors Gap Analysis & Functional Configuration
AM 9:45 ~ AM 11:00 Mobile Banking (Panel) Micro-Insurance
AM 11:00 ~ AM 11:15 Morning Coffee & Tea
AM 11:15 ~ PM 12:30 Pick from one of three concurrent exploratory sessions:
Accounting & Internal Control | Evangelizing through Mifos Chapters | Beyond Microfinance
PM 12:30 ~ PM 1:30 Pick from one of three concurrent exploratory sessions:
Scaling Mifos X | User Experience - Platform v. Product | Regulated Banking
PM 1:30 ~ PM 2:30 Lunch & Summit Feedback
PM 2:30 ~ PM 4:00 Hosting & Sys Admin/Data Migration Product & Service Design Streamlining your Implementation
PM 4:00 ~ PM 4:15 Afternoon Coffee & Tea
PM 4:15 ~ PM 5:00 Closing Keynote
PM 5:00 ~ PM 5:30 Summit Wrapup
PM 7:30 ~ PM 9:00 Dinner


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